Aeration technology

Aeration concepts - We take care of your fresh air!

Unfortunately, waste treatment plants are contaminated with foul odors, germs, and spores again and again. In addition, there are also diesel engines, water vapor, bioaerosols, and many other substances which sometimes make the air barely tolerable for both humans and machines. We try to deal with these conditions by providing intelligent aeration concepts.

We design solutions which are practical and financially viable. For this purpose, we put in all our know-how to ensure that the requirements for the aeration concepts are met and that your employees, your machines, your bank account and, above all, you will be able to breathe freely tomorrow.


Our COMPOair blowers are specially modified to adapt them to the unfavorable conditions in biological waste treatment plants. Various sizes are available so that we can tailor each plant and each windrow to your individual needs. This allows for optimal flow rates coupled with low operating costs. On request, the blowers can also be controlled by frequency converters.

Aeration systems must be designed with negative or positive aeration mode, which depends on the structural conditions or the materials to be processed. This is why the COMPOair blowers have been developed for operation in both modes. Each aeration duct can be operated individually.

Moreover, all blowers can be optionally combined in a pre-fabricated blower control center (COMPOtainer). The COMPOtainer is delivered to the plant completely pre-installed, including the blowers, piping, and exhaust air pipe, thereby considerably reducing the interfaces between the individual structures.

Pre-fabricated aeration station

The COMPOtainer is a pre-fabricated aeration station that is delivered to the construction site completely pre-assembled as a plug-and-play solution. Optionally, an air-conditioned control cabinet room can be integrated in the COMPOtainer. This minimizes and simplifies interfaces with other structures. Moreover, the COMPOtainer offers protection against theft and greatly reduces noise emissions.

In the case of negative aeration, the exhaust air is combined in a collecting pipe and transferred directly to the biofilter.


As a material, concrete has proven its worth in sewage technology for decades. We have drawn on this longstanding experience by integrating the advantages of concrete pipes (drive-over capacity, cost-effective procurement and installation, long-term resistance to aggressive chemical substances) into our aeration system.

Large pipe cross-sections enable uniform air distribution over the entire length of the windrow, so even long windrow lengths (up to 100 m) are possible. Specially developed aeration nozzles reduce the risk of clogging to a technically possible minimum. The optimum shape of the drainage cross-section allows for the easy discharge of the leachate.