Composting parameters

Your basic equipment for quality assurance

To obtain a product with the required quality, the process requires optimal monitoring and control. For this purpose, operators of composting plants need significant composting parameters. With our CMC soil and compost laboratory and pH precision meter, these parameters are easy to measure.

CMC soil and compost laboratory

Test your compost with ease!

If you want to determine a wide variety of composting parameters for quality assurance, our CMC soil and compost laboratory is the tool you need. You can check the decomposition quality and the rotting conditions at any time and take any corrective actions whenever necessary. This way, nothing stands in the way of ideal process management. The CMC soil and compost laboratory is especially suitable for quick tests in the field or at the composting site. Easy sample preparation, simple test methods, fast, meaningful results provide immediate information and help practitioners make decisions and avoid mistakes.

Testing possibilities:

  • Nitrogen (nitrate, nitrite, ammonium)
  • Sulfide


  • pH measurement (optional probe for redox measurement)

pH precision meter

The pH value is a decisive factor in composting, liming, soil cultivation, and crop selection. In order to prevent incorrect values and eliminate sources of error from the outset, the pH value should be measured in the field wherever possible or directly after sample extraction. In addition, this allows practitioners to take immediate action without having to wait for the results of a lab test.

Testing possibilities:

  • pH value


  • Redox measuring probe