Exhaust air systems

To live in peace with your neighbors

The decomposition of organic waste creates odors that can be extremely unpleasant. In order to avoid problems with neighbors and local residents,

these odors must be collected and cleaned. Exhaust air conditioning, biofilters, and pipelines are key elements for this purpose.

Exhaust air conditioning

In order to achieve optimal decomposition results in the biofilter, the exhaust air must be conditioned in advance. Depending on the plant size and type, the exhaust air is pre-conditioned in an acid scrubber to wash out aggressive substances like ammonia. The exhaust air is saturated to maximum humidity in a wash box, which prevents the dehydration of the filter material.


In practice, biofilters have proven to be the easiest and most affordable exhaust air purification method. The air is evenly distributed over the entire biofilter area. The biological decomposition of odors takes place in a bed of root wood, wood chips and other materials. Important process parameters are measured with our ICA system to ensure optimal operation and to prevent odor emissions. The biofilter size depends on the volume of exhaust air to be treated. The biofilter is easy to operate and has a highly failsafe design. The system provides optimal exhaust air purification at minimal cost. A biofilter can be used to achieve an odor reduction of 90-98%.


The exhaust air in compost halls and MBT plants contains substances that can cause material corrosion. For this reason, high-quality pipes made of stainless steel or plastic are used for exhaust air systems.

On request, we will plan and implement the pipeline system designed for your plant.