Flexible collection - sanitization - composting

The CSC container is a flexible container solution specially designed for the biological (aerobic) collection and treatment of waste. The proven transport method employing a commercial hook lift and an integrated GPS tracking system enables an optimized decentralized collection. The digital connection allows you to query location and process data at any time, making the container the ideal tool for waste management logistics.

Based on our many years of experience in aeration technology, we have developed a customized aeration system for the container that ensures that the waste does not start to rot. Temperature measurement is employed to ideally match the quantity of air introduced to the biological process. Membrane technology prevents odor emissions, which means that nothing stands in the way of municipal waste collection.

In order to convince you of the advantages of our CSC-Container, we are happy to provide you with a rental CSC-Container that you can use to carry out your own test runs. Please contact our staff to inquire about availability!

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