Reliable process management without overheating

The temperature is the most significant parameter for composters. The material suitability, state of decomposition, and more can be assessed by means of temperature progression. In addition, legislators stipulates that the temperature must be recorded every working day as proof of sanitization.

For our customers, we therefore have both a manual (digital thermometer) and a completely automated solution (automatic temperature monitoring) for temperature measurement in our product range.

Automatic temperature monitoring

In rain and snow, by day and by night: our automatic temperature control system continuously measures the temperature of your compost windrows. Problems with the composting process (unintentional rise or fall in temperature) are detected immediately, allowing quick corrective actions to be taken. This eliminates the need for troublesome daily measurements of windrow temperatures by hand. Furthermore, the job of recording temperature profiles as required by law is taken over automatically by the computer. The data is transmitted via radio, so there are no more cumbersome cables that can be run over and damaged by wheel loaders or turners.

Digital thermometer

The digital thermometer is a "must-have" for any composting plant operator. Temperatures up to 65 °C should be reached but not exceeded. In addition, in accordance with legal requirements, the temperature of the compost windrows must be documented every working day. Our digital thermometers give experts an exact and extremely fast overview of their compost.

Measuring range: - 50 °C to + 1,150 °C

Probe: stainless steel, standard length 800 mm (1,200 mm on request)