Fleece rollers

Fleece roller RDLW for wheel loader and tractor front loader operation

Flexible – Mobile – Fleece-protecting – Back-friendly

For maximum flexibility, the fleece roller RDLW is available for both single-sided applications (left or right side) and double-sided applications (left and right side). The hydraulic drive allows infinitely variable rolling speed in both directions (rolling and unrolling). Up to 150 linear meters of compost protection fleece can be rolled up per side, giving the storage core a total capacity of up to 300 linear meters of compost protection fleece (double-sided version). Due to the mobile storage core, the fleece can be stored in a very gentle, space-saving way.

Fleece roller as equipment version of the CMC ST 230, 300, and 350

In addition to our fleece roller for operation with a wheel loader or front loader, the rolling unit can also be mounted on the compost turner (CMC ST 230, 300, and 350). In this configuration, the rolling arm is swung out hydraulically or manually and the compost protection fleece is rolled and unrolled hydraulically. The speed at which the compost protection fleece, which can be up to six meters wide, is rolled and unrolled is infinitely variable.

Fleece roller ST300

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