Screening station

With a drum screen design, screening stations KA 4018 and KA 5020 are installed on concrete foundations to your desired height.

For the feed hopper, we offer two different options:

  • As our basic solution, we offer a 3.5 m³ feed hopper attached directly to the station.
  • Optionally, we can also provide standalone bunker units with capacities of up to 24 m³.

Screen overflow can be discharged via a conveyor belt, which can be equipped with an optional air separator to suck light plastic fractions out of the overflow, from where they can be blown into a separate container. Once free of impurities, the screen overflow can be re-fed into the composting process.

The screening stations are electrically operated.

For more practical videos, visit our YouTube page!

Mobile Screening Station

The KA 4018-3.5 in the mobile version is being delivered on a chassis, which ensures a flexible positioning on the plant.

Feeding of the drum is executed by a bunker with a volume of 3.5 m³ and a FU-controlled conveyor belt. An optional air separator, mounted on the discharge conveyor of the screening station, separates the light fraction and directs it into a special container before the screen overflow is recirculated into the rotting process.