Simultaneous turning and side movement

The TracTurn was developed to series maturity over the course of more than ten years of use in the field. No matter if triangular or trapezoid windrows or table piles, the TracTurn can handle any type of compost windrow up to a height of 2.3 m. The width of the windrow is virtually irrelevant, and the TracTurn can turn up to 3.7 m of a compost windrow in a single run. If the compost windrow is wider, more runs are necessary.

To achieve a turning output of 2,000 m³/h, the TracTurn requires an input power of approx. 200 kW. The TracTurn requires a tractor with sufficient weight and a reverse-drive system. If the TracTurn is used for multiple plants, the tractor can be used as drawing vehicle for on public roads as well.

The TracTurn thus gives you the opportunity to work without tramlines and sets new standards in space utilization, thereby optimizing not only the throughput rate, but in turn your own profit.

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