CMC ST 300 Model 2013

Evolution of a successful concept!

CMC ST 300 Model 2013

Our classic under the compost turners, the CMC ST 300 model 2013 was adapted and modernized due to the increasing demands.

The newly adapted machine, preferably for tractors with 80 hp and more, turn windrows up to 3.4 meters of width.

The wear was significantly reduced in comparison to the previous model by the newly developed rotor. The throughput respectively the power requirement were optimized due to the new arrangement of the tools. Further improvements were achieved with the oxygen injection and the CO2 output by optimizing the mixing characteristics.

Characteristic for the new model is the new form of the rolling tunnel which opens conically backwards, this allows more free space for the gentle throw-off. In order to further increase stability, which is necessary due to the increase in performance of the towing vehicle, a few kilos of steel were installed in order to still be ahead in the case of robustness.

With this evolution of our classic, we secure the successful concept of almost 25 years in the future as well.

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