Compost Tea Seminar 2014

26. Februar 2014 - Francisco Josephinum Wieselburg

According to reports from experienced professionals, compost tea stimulates growth and prevents disease in plants, stimulates the soil metabolism, has fertilising effects and improves the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables, etc.

Unfortunately, the positive effects are not always reproducible . At the beginning of the compost tea is a high quality compost . Is this quality not included in the compost, there is no basis for any success of the compost tea . But even if the compost is perfect, there are many things to be observed.

As part of our initiative " COMPOST - QUALITY " , we presented the theme " compost tea " by experienced experts and practitioners ( Uta Lübke , a pioneer in the field of composting and Ton Van der Lee , an expert in the field of compost tea ).

With this information day in cooperation with Austrian research institutions and international experts we started the Austria- wide project „Field test Compost tea ". In this large-scale parallel test the effects of compost tea on various cultures of 50 different locations will be tested through the entire Austrian agricultural landscape. Compost Systems will provide quality assured compost tea for practical tests at several different locations.

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