Collection - Sanitisation - Composting

Collection and storage of organic wastes plays an essential role in organic waste treatment. Odour problems and poor process conditions that are caused by lack of oxygen present challenges for waste management operators. In the case of waste containing meat, which is included in Categories 2 and 3 of the ABPR (Animal By-Products Regulations), sanitisation in a closed reactor and a sanitisation proof are required in most EU countries. 

The CSC-Container optimises decentralised treatment of organic waste: 

  • Aerobic process conditions
  • Avoidance of odour emissions 
  • Optimised degradation during the composting process 
  • Completely automatic sanitisation proof
  • Online documentation available at any time

This makes the CSC-Container an ideal logistical tool for waste management!

Download Folder CSC-Container D (pdf) 336 KB
Download Folder CSC-Container E (pdf) 349 KB
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