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Composting Technologies

Automatic windrow temperature monitoring

The continuous temperature monitoring without disturbing cables with automated temperature recording

Our automated temperature measurement system was developed especially for use in bulk solids and can be used in addition to compost windrows also in other materials such as coal dumps, wood chips, grain, straw, .... be used. The application is carried out for use at on open surfaces and in covered and closed systems.

The system works with specially developed temperature measuring probes, which are plugged into the compost windrows and transmit the measured temperatures to a receiver station using wireless technology (without interfering cables). The measuring interval is freely selectable. Each temperature measuring lance has either 3 or 5 permanently installed measuring points.

The measured values are loaded from the receiver station via a mobile data connection or WLAN into a cloud and can be visualized at any time via an internet-enabled terminal device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, ...) on a browser-based interface. For documentation, the data can also be easily exported to MS Excel and further processed.

Technical details:
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