Engineering & Consulting

Quality Assurance

New governmental laws, hygiene regulations, controlling etc - these make QA systems more and more complicated.

We note that a lot of our customers keep more records than necessary and invest a lot of time and money but still do not get sufficient records at the end.

There are many troubles especially concerning the new conditions of government regarding EDM (electronic data management). We advise you how to use the available systems correctly, how you can complement them and avoid double-systems and save time and money at the end. All this enables you, your employees as well as your controlling body of the legislator to sleep well, again.

For our plants we offer necessary training courses for your operating personnel - on request, even directly on site.

No matter which plant you operate, whether it is open and easy or closed, IT-supported and complicated - we cover it. We are pleased to develop an individual training programme for your team to meet your demand.

As an external control instance we offer our clients a complete plant monitoring concerning plant operation, product quality and plant emissions. Based on that gained data we develop improvement strategies, operation and maintenance plans as well as training strategies for the operating personnel in cooperation with our client. 

The all-round solution for internal quality assurance.

Before starting the external quality assurance you have to be sure that everything runs correctly within your company. As the capacity of plants is increasing the plant operator is not able to check every small piece of compost. To be able to guarantee the best quality it is necessary to document every step of development and processing of the material. However, the best documentation is not worth a lot if the evaluation is complicated and can only be realised with a lot of effort.

Everything has to be on the screen at the push of a button. This way you can quickly see details of input materials, evidence of sanitisation, steps of development etc. It is also necessary to be able to quickly determine economic ratios (monthly input and output, monthly turnover, single item turnover, customer-related turnover, etc) which inform about the quality of the plant function.

Our aim was and still is that electronically existing data have to be further processed electronically. The best weighing system is not very useful if every single delivery slip has manually to be entered into the computer program again for settlement or controlling of the production. For this we developed the special management software COMPOreport for and with our customers, which handles the central administration and documentation on your plant. This includes interfaces between the software and weighbridges, automatic temperature supervision or accounting programs, so that data can be imported and passed on electronically.